About Us

Blah Games has been founded by Mohit Goel (an IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad alumnus) and Rishabh Shah(alumnus of MICA).


What's the deal with Blah Games?

Blah Games aims to introduce the Indian community to the exciting world of boardgames…. And No, we are not talking about Ludo or Snakes and Ladders or Uno; and No, we are not talking about Monopoly, Clue, Taboo, Pictionary or Risk either.
If the above list accounts for most of the boardgames that you have experienced or heard about, then your life is about to change…. in an awesome way!!! 
Believe it …. There is a whole world of boardgames just waiting to be discovered.


What exactly do you mean by "we are not talking about Monopoly, Clue, Taboo, Pictionary or Risk"? 

Imagine a space empire building game offering a nice mixture of exploring, building, development and combat.. or imagine a game about power in the corporate world where you increase your influence by hiring your employees, controlling specific departments and even bribing your way to the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the company.
Or take a trip back to 1960, where you take on the role of one of the great protagonists - Richard Nixon or John F Kennedy - vying to lead America through an era of turbulent change.

You can even be the hero or heroine in a story of adventure in the Tales of the Arabian Nights  just like those told by Scheherazade to her spellbound sultan! You can renact the entire Lord of the Rings battle between the Fellowship and the Shadow, or the various battles in World War II or fantasy battles between elves, dwarves and orcs.


So what kind of games will be available here?

From civilisation building games to fantasy or sci-fi themed games, from war games to economic games, from negotiation games to deduction games from grand level strategy games to tactical games, from games based on popular novels and films to lighter party or family games, from short 30 minute games to games that can take even 6 to 8 hours to play – games based on every possible theme that you can think of – we aim to bring all this right to your doorstep.


Why haven't I heard about these games before?

Because they were not available in India...till now. For the first time in India, Blah Games brings the best of the world of boardgaming to your local neighbourhood. You have to see it to realise the potential awesomeness that can be part of your life.


Aren't boardgames for kids?

They are not only for kids. In fact most of the strategy games available here are ideally suited for adults and teenagers - primarily due to the depth of gameplay involved. If you thought games were only for kids – get ready to be a geek. You might be 15 years or you might be 50 years, we promise that a world of excitement and fun awaits you. 


Why are some of these games higher priced in comparison to traditional boardgames available locally?

Firstly, all these games are imported. Which means that there are shipping costs and customs duties that we need to pay to make them available for you to play. Secondly, the quality of components is exceptional - whether it be the boards, or the cards or the plastic miniatures or the box. But the good thing is that, these games are now readily available here for you to buy, without having to worry about long delivery times (if you order from a US store). Also, the cost is still cheaper than buying from an alternate source like online US based site.


I'm completely new here, What are some of the games which I should definitely look at?

You can look at games we refer to as Gateway Games ie Games which are easier to learn, understand and play. These games should idealy finish within 2 hours even for someone learning it for the first time. You can look at Settlers of Catan, Giants, Roll through the Ages, For Sale, 7 Wonders for Mild Strategy/Family games, and Apples to Apples, Resistance, Grave Robbers from Outer Space for a more fun experience