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Our website is currently under construction. Yet, we made our mobile rewards working. You can now use it freely.

Some tutorial will come soon to explain everything. New rewards will come too 😉

Who am i?

My name is Olivier. I’m 30 years old. I’m french. In life i was for 12 years a webmaster self contractor and made more then 100K euro on adult niche and 30K on mainstream. I’m also a life-guard and i currently working on pool and beach in Reunion Island (French’s island) near Mauricius Island

Why this website?

I’ve made this website to offer people a chance to make cash. I also make cash myself this way.

How the cash machine really work?

I’m working with a CPA compagny that’s provide adds. I get paid when you do a survey or downloading any app. I transfer back the money into your paypal account once i get pay myself. It’s simple and easy.

It’s 80% for you and 20% for me. On my 20% i’ve 20% Taxes from my own gouverment and i also need to pay godaddy for the website to be live every year.


A little note to tell you guys that’s i’m working a bigger project. I’m small right now but i’m trying to grow high. Later i will offer many more rewards to redeem and a way for you to make points easier, such as asking a friend to join your team and get point within him.