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Welcome to our new website !

You waited impatiently, here it is. The new website of the small plugs association created by students of the IUT Tours is finally in service. With the help of a volunteer website developer and long hours of work, we can now introduce you to this new site.

More visual, more modern and easier to use, it will be updated regularly to inform you of the various actions carried out by Les Petits Bouchons. You will find the dates of loading, sorting, boards of directors and events in which the association participates. In the “Accounts” page we have put the state of our accounts with the total of the receipts and the expenses of each year to ensure the transparency of the actions carried out. The collection points have also been updated and are now presented as a Google Maps so you can see which one is closest to you. You will also find the names of our various partners that we thank.

On the “media” page you will see the various articles concerning the association (the most recent in “press review” and the others in “archives” classified by years) but also the audio recordings of radio broadcasts to which the association has participated in the partnership with the students of the IUT Tours. And if you look up at the top right you can see the little logo “f” that will direct you to our Facebook page. Moreover you can see in the “Presentation” tab that our Facebook page is linked to our website since the last comments of this one appear on the left side of the tab. We invite you to like this Facebook page and to send us messages if you have any questions. We also invite you to read the various articles that we write on this site.

Good visit and see you soon.